US Kills 4 Al-Shabaab Combatants in Bay Region & Barawe in 2 Separate Airstrikes

US military confirmed to have killed four Al-Shabaab combatants in two separate airstrikes conducted in central and southern Somalia between Sept. 5 and 7.

The US military has stepped up its onslaught against the Al-Qaeda’s branch in East Africa after the extremist outfit has regained ground over the past two years.

On September 5, US conducted its first air raid in the Bay Region of central Somalia, whereby three Al-Shabaab combatants were killed, US Africa Command (AFRICOM) noted in a press release on its website.

AFRICOM launched the attack backing up African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and Somali National Army (SNA) forces that were operating in the area.

In the second air operation, on September 7 in the town of Barawe in southern Somalia, US warplane killed one Al-Shabaab operative.

Barawe is a contested area in southern Somalia, and Al-Shabaab leaders have been hiding in the town in the past and conducting sporadic attacks.

AFRICOM press releases noted that Al-Shabaab has pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda and is dedicated to providing safe haven for terrorist attacks throughout the world.

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