US, Japan Strengthen Defense Cooperation In The Wake Of North Korea’s Missile Launch Threats

Following the threat posed by North Korea and her nuclear program, the US and Japan have renewed their defense cooperation to ensure that both countries are ready to avert any attack by North Korea. The nuclear-armed North Korea has been the constant thorn in the side of both Japan and the US as recent reports reveal that they have developed missiles with better capabilities than previously reported.

Both US and Japan’s defense ministers emphasized the importance of a stronger alliance seeing as Kim Jong Un had earlier threatened to fire missiles at US’ Pacific territory of Guam. Both nations agree that it is in the best interests of their individual and collective national security to strengthen their cooperation.

The tensions are high in East Asia with countries seeking to join forces in preparation for a likely assault by Korea’s Kim Jong-Un. Despite Jong Un holding back on firing missiles, he is viewed as an unstable leader and as such can reverse his decision triggering a major war in a  showdown of nuclear might.

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