US Issues Statement Warning of Rogue Kenyan Media Reports on Oil Pipeline

us embassy NairobiThe US Embassy issued a statement denying Kenyan media reports that it pledged to fund the construction of a pipeline in the Republic of Kenya.

Recent media reports of Ambassador Godec pledging U.S. financial support for an oil pipeline in Kenya are inaccurate. ‎During his meeting with Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for Energy and Petroleum Charles Keter on January 5, the Ambassador said that a Power Africa analysis indicates that Kenya will need ‎$14-18 billion to finance renewable energy power development, and not a pipeline.

He also expressed support for a proposal by a consortium of American companies to participate in the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia-Transport (LAPSSET) Corridor Project, which conceptually includes an oil pipeline component.

The Ambassador did not say that the U.S. government would help finance the construction of an oil pipeline in Kenya.

US Embassy Nairobi

Kenyan media has been on the spotlight over sensational, unverified, and rogue reporting.

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