US Embassy in Kampala Issues Terror Warnings

The US Embassy in Kampala has issued emergency notices warning its nationals that Kampala is likely to suffer terror attacks very soon. The warnings indicate that the terrorists are most likely to target businesses and establishments frequented by Westerners. The US mission also cancelled some of its scheduled events that were to be held in the city in fear that terrorists may target such events.

The warnings come at a time when al Shabaab has pledged to conduct attacks against countries which have contributed troops to AMISOM. The biggest contributor of troops to the counter-terrorism operations in Somalia is Uganda; and al Shabaab has sworn that they will retaliate against Uganda.

In 2010, Al Shabaab conducted a terror attack in Kampala which left over 70 people dead and many more injured. In September 2014, US intelligence agents helped the Ugandan security forces intercept suicide vests being transferred to al Shabaab sleeper agents in Kampala. At that time, Al Shabaab had planned to attack Kampala in retaliation for the death of its emir, Ahmed Abdi Godane.

The US drone campaign against terrorists in Somalia is still ongoing, and these airstrikes have aided in vitiating the leadership stability of al Shabaab. KDF and AMISOM troops have in turn routed al Shabaab from all their major urban strongholds.

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