UN Slaps North Korea With Toughest Additional Sanction In 20 Years

kim-jong-unMarch 3, 2016: The UN Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution that expands already existing sanctions on North Korea in retaliation to the country’s recent nuclear test and rocket launch. The resolution was passed on Wednesday March 2nd after a unanimous vote that was prompted by a thoroughly negotiations by United States and China- North Korea’s government closest allies.

The new sanctions are set to cut funding for North Korea’s nuclear and banned weapons program and go further than any UN sanctions region in 20 years.

The decision was made to secure collective security that is represented by the council and by so doing stop Pyongyang from continuing along the destructive and destabilizing course.

The sanctions;

  • Dictate that all cargo to and from North Korea must be inspected
  • North Korean trade representatives in Syria, Iran and Vietnam are among 16 individuals pooled in the UN blacklist-alongside 12 North Korean entities
  • several are against exportation of luxury goods like watches, aquatic recreational vehicles, snowmobiles worth more than $2000, lead crystal items and recreational sports equipment
  • ban on transfer to North Korea of any item that could directly improve the operational capabilities of its armed forces like trucks
  • Require that all North Korean planes and ships carrying cargo be inspected. Previously, nations only inspected planes and ships when they had “reasonable grounds.”
  • Ban Pyongyang from exporting most of the country’s natural resources.
  • Prohibit nations from providing training to North Korean nationals in fields that could advance the nation’s missile and nuclear programs.
  • Ban member states from allowing North Korea to charter foreign vessels or aircraft and ban all nations from operating any vessels that use North Korean flags.
  • Prohibit the supply of aviation fuel, including rocket fuel, and the sale of small arms to North Korea
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Experts have termed these sanctions as the toughest and most detailed sanctions ever and look to close the loopholes that North Korea has exploited to advance her nuclear power. They have also been projected to cripple the economic sector which has been financing the illegal weapons development.


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