UN Says That Poverty, Deprivation And State Abuse Of Power As Leading Cause Of Radicalization In Africa

United Nation Development Fund has stated that the reason for increased radicalization and joining extremist groups is Poverty, deprivation and state abuse of power. The findings are as a result of a 2-year study UNDP conducted in Africa that revealed that Africans are joining al Shabaab Boko Haram and ISIS because of the stated reasons.

“The report finds the road to extremism in Africa is paved with deprivation,” said Mohamed Yahya, lead author, and UNDP Africa Regional Program Coordinator. “Poverty, marginalization, and under development play a significant role in the African context, and it is, therefore, important for development actors to also be involved in finding solutions.”

UNDP has said that is exploring to work with shareholders in working on solutions to prevent young Africans from joining extremist groups, rather than reacting to a terrorist act after the fact.

The study found that recruitment in Africa takes place mostly at the local level, face-to-face, rather than online, as is the case in other regions, unlike the common misconception that recruitment is done online. The report, however, warned that the internet might play a major role in recruitment once it penetrates the continent.

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