UN Allows Kenya And Horn Of Africa Countries To Try Pirates Locally Further Crippling Al Shabaab Supply Routes

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The United Nations Security Council on Tuesday 10th November passed a resolution that allows regional state to try Somali pirates.

The resolution provides that the regional states find ways through which Somali pirates arrested are tried regardless of where they were arrested Somali waters notwithstanding.


Following a unanimous vote on Tuesday by the UN Security Council a resolution was passed authorizing regional state to establish a jurisdiction in trying pirates caught either along the Somali coast or off the Somali waters.

The resolution is geared towards ensuring that piracy suspects caught on Somali waters or any of her neighbors will be tried thus ending the impunity era where they were allowed to walk due to lack of jurisdiction in trying pirates.

Kenya, Somalia, Seychelles and other countries in the region will be expected to find ways of trying piracy suspects either by trying them on the individual soil or through collaborations of any suspects arrested in Somali waters.

Some of the avenues that will be used to try the suspects will vary from joint regional tribunals and special courts depending on the situation preference. Despite the decline in piracy in the past year, the need to set up a functional legal framework is very fundamental.

The resolution also means that the EU and NATO anti-piracy vessels that have been patrolling the Horn of Africa waters will remain in place till the end of the year despite South Korea seeking to extend its stay in the Horn of Africa waters.

The decline of piracy cases in the Horn of Africa waters can be attributed to the AMISOM efforts towards the defeat of the al Shabaab militants who were the main pirates. The improvement in the maritime security of Somalia has not only decapitated the militants’ counterfeit money supply but also medicine and arms crippling their major operations.

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