UK, US Governments Warn of Potential Terrorist Attack in Tanzania


UK and US governments have warned of a potential terror attack in Tanzania. The warning is meant to alert the Tanzanian relevant authorities and to scare public.

Security authorities urged to remain alert in certain regions of the country. Tanzania has active cells of Somali based Al-Shabaab as well as the newly created ISIS faction.

In the recent past weeks, Tanzania witnessed an attack at Masjid mosque in Mwanza. The attack left at least two people killed and others wounded.

ISIS in Tanzania released a video while at undisclosed caves in the country announcing their presence and calling on jihadist to join them.

The militant groups are likely to strike especially during Ramadan period which many jihadists finds appropriate to conduct martyrdom missions.

 The warning/alert points out at major cities especially Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar which are frequented by tourists.

Though UK and US have not issued travel advisory/ban to Tanzania, they have asked tourists to avoid political rallies and public gatherings which are likely to be targeted terrorists.

The advice is meant to alert Tanzania authorities be aware of terror threat, to act and minimize the risks.

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