UK Letter on Kenya ICC Case is Genuine

Intelligence reports and information from legislators liaising with intelligence experts to determine the authenticity of the UK dossier on Kenya show that there is a lot of truth about the letter.

The letter and its contents, besides the intentions of the British government on the Kibaki leadership and its key point men are very true not a farce, a legislator reported.

There is a conspiracy to put Kibaki behind bars at the ICC, there is a conspiracy to ensure Uhuru Kenyatta does not vie for presidency, and there is a conspiracy to ensure Prime Minister Odinga becomes president, the intelligence reports show.

The origin of the letter, its content and its seal verify a common theory, intelligence analysis and production experts contend besides agreeing on the single most crucial factor of influence that ‘President Kibaki is under a secret probe by the International Criminal Court (ICC), and could be indicted on retirement.’

Forensic Audit by Strategic Intelligence on the UK Document

Using the common practice of intelligence analysis and forensic audit of document to verify their validity, SIN has verified the letter is originally meant for the British government and developed by their own officers.

  • Obtain an explanation and written proof of the ownership history of the document(s), including the name, contact information, and dates of ownership for the document
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