Uganda Sends 2,745 Troops to Boost War against Al-Shabaab in Somalia

uganda-unUganda has sent 2,745 troops to boost the ongoing operation against Al-Shabaab terrorists in Somalia.

The Uganda People's Defense Forces (UPDF) commissioned 2,745 new troops to Somalia to replace an equal number of fighters who have been recalled after serving for one year in the battlefield.

The first batch of 80 UPDF soldiers left Uganda’s Entebbe airport on Monday aboard a Boeing 737 and landed at the Adan Abdulle International Airport at about 07.30hrs, East African time.

According to UPDF deputy spokesman, Major Henry Obbo, the more troops were scheduled to join their colleagues in the war-torn country in an exercise that will take about a week or more, depending on the air situation and other factors.

The new group is code-named UGABAG XX and replaces UGABAG XVII.

Other AMISOM troops contributing countries includes Kenya, Ethiopia, Burundi and Djibouti.

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