Uganda Receives $405,000 Bomb Disposal Equipment From The US To Aid Counterterrorism Operations


The United States government on December 4th 2015 donated military equipment to the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) at the US embassy in Kampala.

The military equipment donated includes Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) training equipment valued at $405,000.


Uganda People’s Defense Forces received military equipment valued at $405,000 on Friday 4th December from the United States of America. The equipment inventory includes a robotic Explosive Ordinance Disposal system (EOD) called the Packbot 501.

Packbot 501 can perform a series of functions ranging from traditional bomb disposal to handling hazardous materials. The system is fitted with adaptable mission set including climbing stairs, transmitting real-time video ensuring that the operatives are out of range of the lethal device.

The equipment is set to increase the training and preparedness of the UPDF personnel especially in the wake of increased terrorist attacks from terrorists. The trained personnel will not only be best equipped for standby response but also in peacekeeping operations like in Somalia against the al Shabaab’s landmines.

The US has continually enhanced the military relationship with Uganda in a bid to strengthen the country’s national security forces in conducting counterterrorism and stability operations both domestically and in the region where Uganda is an active troops contributor to peace missions.

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