U.S.-led Coalition 30 Strikes Targets Islamic State Hideouts in Syria & Iraq

US-Led Coalition Launches 30 Airstrikes in Iraq, SyriaEVENT SUMMARY

Latest military reports from Middle East indicate that Daesh/Islamic State Takfiris suffered huge blows from U.S.-led coalition strikes on Monday 15th February 2016.

United States and its allies staged 30 successful air strikes against Islamic State positions in Syria and Iraq on Monday, Combined Joint Task Force leading the operations revealed in a statement.

20 strikes in Iraq were staged near eight cities including Al Qaim; nine strikes struck and destroyed Islamic State logistics base, two internet cafés, two headquarters and media outlet used by the militant group.

The Tuesday 16th statement also indicated that ten strikes near four Syrian cities struck and destroyed an Islamic State weapons cache, three weapons storage facilities, and a training barracks.

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