U.S. Intervene Militarily To Train African Forces On Combating Terror

A Polish Special Operations Forces Command soldier, left, provides security alongside U.S. Special Forces Soldiers
A Polish Special Operations Forces Command soldier, left, provides security alongside U.S. Special Forces Soldiers
A Polish Special Operations Forces Command soldier, left, provides security alongside U.S. Special Forces Soldiers


U.S. Commander for Special Operations Command Africa Brigadier General Donald Bolduc on Monday 8th February 2016 warned of increased militancy threat saying action need to be taken before they strike harder in the region.

Bolduc warned of ISIS/ISIL (used for the militant group Islamic State) resurgence pointing out that the militant group becoming more effective in North Africa.

Boko Haram which pledged allegiance to the Islamic State is waging deadly attacks in the Lake Chad Basin and AQIM adopting asymmetrical attacks.

The Middle East based Islamic State has exploited the power vacuum in Libya to expand its self-declared caliphate. The militant group controls large areas in Iraq and Syria.

With these militancy scenarios, U.S. in collaboration with France and Germany set to train around 1,700 African Special Forces on combating terror. This year’s training programme will take place on Senegal’s central city of Thies.


According to Nathan Broshear, spokesman for U.S. Special Operations Command Africa, the exercises called Flintlock, after a type of firearm, to symbolize readiness for any threat.

Bolduc stressed the need of regional cooperation, intelligence sharing saying United State will walk with African countries facing militancy challenges pointing out Chad, Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon facing the challenge of a common enemy — Boko Haram.

The United States will support a regional task force against the Nigeria-based group Boko Haram.

At the request of African partners, the exercises will also include anti-Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) training.

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The programme, an annual event since 2005, will run from February 8 through 29. Some exercises will also be held in Mauritania.

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Hahahaha..these pretenders could not even rout ISIS out of Syria till Russia happened on the scene.They left Somalia with their tails between their legs and today they are waxing lyrical about training african forces to combat terrorism..what a joke!

there is nothing new here, where did the AFRICOM disappeared to?………….. wee admin of this page, wakati zingine kaaga rada bwana, are they training new group?……. ujue hata alshabab hawa ndio hutrain, unakumbuka wale walishambulia kambi ya baure hao wazungu waliuwawa walikosa nini kwao ndiposa waingiane na majambazi, ujue hao ndio ma instructors

while terror group are sending their bush fighters to pakistan, yemen etc…..our men are getting it from the world experts…..we need power and expertise to win this war on terror!

US have conflict of interest since they’re the biggest breeders of terrorism of all ideological shades on an industrial scale! They train both the security agencies and they also train terror groups like AlQaeda & its affiliates & breakaways. It’s documented. It’s happening in Syria as a case in point.

I can’t agree more.Who created Al Qaeda and Isis..US of course.Who used terrorists to bring about regime change in Libya?Is Lybia better or worse off without Gaddafi?