U.S. Drone Strikes Kill 7 Al-Qaeda Operatives in Yemen

Washington has intensified air sorties against jihadist groups since President Donald Trump took office in January.

In Yemen, U.S. military intervention has so far left several Al-Qaeda fighters killed while others are fleeing.

Latest two strikes carried out overnight by U.S drones reportedly killed seven Al-Qaeda operatives in different locations in Yemen.

One strike hit a vehicle in the southern province of Shabwa and killed two Al-Qaeda fighters another drone raid hit a car in Marib province, east of the rebel- held capital Sanaa, killing five Al-Qaeda figures.

Both Shabwa and Marib provinces are largely held by Saudi-backed government forces but Al-Qaeda has taken advantage of fighting between them and the rebels to step up its presence.

Pentagon on April 3 said that it military operations carried out more than 70 strikes against Al-Qaeda targets in Yemen.

U.S. regards Al-Qaeda’s Yemen-based branch as dangerous and accuses it of plotting multiple attacks against the West.


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