U.S. Drone Strike Kills Al-Abi, a Senior Al-Qaeda Leader in Central Yemen

droneAn Al-Qaeda terrorist was killed in a U.S. drone strike in central Yemen according to a local security source.

The drone strike targeted a car carrying Al-Abi, a senior Al-Qaeda leader in central Al-Bayda province, the strike killing him on the spot alongside his three others aboard.

The militant group which continues to suffer drone strike in U.S. and even in Somalia, has not commented on the report.

Al-Qaeda terrorists have exploited the ongoing conflict between the central government and Houthi rebels to bolster their influence in the country’s south after a civil war broke in 2014.

U.S. which regards the Al-Qaeda terrorist network as a persistent threats the regional peace and its interests; has used drones to hunt down Al-Qaeda leaders Yemen and even in the Islamist wrecked war-torn Somalia.



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