U.S. Confirms Death of High-ranking Tunisian Islamic State Assassin

U.S. has confirmed the death of a high-ranking Tunisian Islamic State Assassin identified as Boubaker al-Hakim.

According to a statement from Defense Department, Boubaker al-Hakim a French-Tunisian Islamic State leader, was neutralized in airstrikes carried out in Raqqa, Syria on Nov. 26.

In a statement on December 10, Pentagon Press Secretary Peter described al-Hakim very resourceful leader in Islamic State ranks. He was also describe as longtime terrorist with deep ties to French and Tunisian Islamists fighters.

Cook tied al-Hakim to the so-called caliphate’s external operations arm, saying his death “degrades” the Islamic State’s “ability to conduct further attacks in the West” and denies the group “a veteran extremist with extensive ties.”

In an interview with Islamic State’s propaganda Dabiq Magazine al-Hakim admitted to have assassinated one Tunisian politician early in 2015.

In Dec. 2014, the Islamic State released a video calling on Muslims to support the group’s jihad in Tunisia. Al-Hakim starred in the production.

Al-Hakim announced his pledge of allegiance Islamic State’s emir Abu Bakr al Baghdadi He encouraged Tunisians to pledge their own allegiance to the Islamic State’s master. He also threatened France.

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