Types of Weapons Used by Al-Shabaab in Kismayo, Intelligence on Battery Positions

As the days of rest and planning edge closer to the last one, Al-Shabaab are attempting to brave the looming adversity by putting together a formidable force that is well equipped to resist the fall of Kismayo, their last stronghold.

Strategic Intelligence has been looking into their battle plan, positions, arms inventory and troop numbers to weigh their capacity to resist the looming KDF-AMISOM onslaught in coming days.

What type of weapons do the Al-Shabaab militants have in their inventory? This question requires very comprehensive answers for it holds the key to easy destruction of their positions with any highly capable weapon.

Al-Shabaab’s Main Weapons in Kismayo

Intelligence gathered from Kismayo show’s several positions of man-portable anti-tank batteries and ZUE 23 Anti-Aircraft system.

On their inventory and current positions, Al-Shabaab have in Kismayo, armored vehicles, ZUE 23 Anti-Aircraft system- man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS), artillery batteries, shoulder fired missiles, heavy and light machine guns, rocket propelled grenades, and Ak-47 rifles, and pistols.

On the seaside, they have dozens of speed-boats that carry well trained fighters who fire rockets and machine-guns from these boats at enemy crafts.

Motorcycle commando units trained to fire both pistols and machine-guns from motorcycles riding at top speed and hurl grenades and even fire rockets from the moving cycle are also positioned and stationed at various strategic areas perceived as enemy entry points to the port city.

Current Arms Supplies from Al-Qaeda

Al-Qaeda in Yemeni have been supplying the militants with arms including shipments of explosives to make bombs, switches for IED’s, rockets, guns, ammunition and rocket-propelled grenades.

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Fighters drawn from the Yemeni Al-Qaeda have also started joining the troops in Kismayo as a morale booster, our intelligence shows.

The number of fighters in Kismayo are however very low compared to previous numbers. This is attributed to deserters, defectors, and neutralization during operations.

Kismayo had a force of slightly more than 3000 strong fighters, this number has been halved due to the above mentioned factors besides massive escapes from the port city to other safe areas.

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