Two British Medics Who Joined Islamic State Killed in Iraq

According to a report on BBC, two British medics who had abandoned studies in Sudan to join the Islamist group, ISIS together with a group of other students have been killed in the battle front in Iraq.

The two, Ahmed Sami Khider and Hisham Fadlallah died at the weekend according to the media report. Khider is believed to have been killed in a convoy of Islamist fighters that left the city of Mosul that is currently under siege from U.S.-backed Iraqi forces.

Britain's Foreign Office however has said it was unable to confirm the deaths.

Ahmed Sami Khider and Hisham Fadlallah had been part of a group of nine mainly British-Sudanese medical students from Khartoum's University of Medical Sciences and Technology.

The two reportedly joined ISIS in 2015. Five other Britons from the institution joined them soon afterwards and at least four had now been killed, the BBC reported.

Security services estimates about 850 Britons have travelled to Syria and Iraq to Join ISIS. A Small number also is fighting alongside the Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Shabaab in Somalia.

A Briton jihadist identified as Thomas Evans who was fighting for Al-Shabaab was killed in a botched KDF camp raid in Lamu, Kenya.

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