Turkish Warplanes Bombard Daesh Targets, Neutralize 19 Terrorists in Northern Syria

Turkish ongoing Operation Euphrates Shield continues to humiliate Daesh with the latest bombardments striking about 367 terrorists’ targets as referenced from Turkish General Staff.

According to the Turkish military source, 19 Daesh terrorists were neutralized in the air raids in the last 24 hours of the operation.

In a statement released Tuesday, Turkish General Staff added that 367 targets were also destroyed.

The successful operation is being carried out with heavy fire backup from land and air by special task forces consisting of Syrian opposition forces, said the statement.

Hit Daesh Targets

Turkish F-16 war jets also conducted operations against 340 Daesh targets including their defense positions, command and control facilities, and vehicles.

Free Syrian Army (FSA) special task forces with Turkish army backup hit 27 Daesh targets. Defense points, shelters, command and control facilities, and vehicles were destroyed.

At least three mortars, three armed vehicles, and one 57 mm cannon shell mounted vehicle were also destroyed.

The operation also saw, one handmade explosive was neutralized by explosive ordnance disposal teams. Since Operation Euphrates Shield began, 2,821 handmade explosives and 43 mines have been neutralized under controlled conditions.

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