Turkish Forces Neutralize 18 Daesh Terrorists, Destroy 150 Targets in Northern Syria

At least 18 Daesh terrorists have been neutralized in northern Syria in the ongoing Operation Euphrates Shield in the past 24 hours.

Turkish forces reportedly have hit 150 Daesh targets as confirmed by the military sources. 18 Daesh were killed while 37 others were injured.

The Turkish Air Force jets also struck four Daesh targets, including a weapons depot, terrorist group headquarters and shelters in Al-Bab and Bzagah cities.

The Turkish army is supporting Free Syrian Army fighters liberate Al-Bab, a strategic city for Daesh.

Operation Euphrates Shield began in the mid-August with an aim to improve security and to weed out Daesh terrorists along the Turkey-Syria border.

Turkish-led operation is also backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters.

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