Turkish Fighter Jets Kills ISIL Extremist in Northern Syria

Turkish fighter jets killed an ISIL extremists in northern Syria as a part of Operation Euphrates Shield, the Turkish military declared on Wednesday 14th December 2016.

In air assaults targeting on ISIL-held structures in northern Syria, Turkish warplanes hit 84 targets, the Turkish Armed Forces said in an announcement.

The Turkish Armed Forces said that the objectives included asylums, cautious positions, and summon and-control offices.

What's more, 10 targets in the Al-Bab and Qabr al Muqri locales were hit by Turkish warplanes.

Among the objectives were nine asylums, one bomb vehicle creation plant, and a few firearm emplacements.

Wednesday marks the 113th day of the operation, which started in late August to enhance security, bolster coalition drives, and kill the dread danger along Turkey's fringe utilizing Free Syrian Army contenders supported by Turkish protective layer, big guns, and flies.

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