Tullow Oil plc results of exploration by four rigs operating in Blocks 10BB and 13T onshore Kenya.

Tullow drilled Emong-1 in Block 13T using the Weatherford 804 rig a depth of 1,394 meters and encountered poorly developed oil bearing reservoir sands.kenya-block-2B

The Weatherford 804 rig will be moved to drill Ekunyuk-1 wildcat in the east to assess rift flank play on recent discovery areas of Etuko and Ewoi.

The Sakson PR-5 rig is drilling Twiga South-2 up-dip appraisal well and then drill a down-dip appraisal of the high quality reservoir Amosing discovery.

Tullow Oil successfully drilled Etuko-1 well in Block 10BB using the PR Marriott rig.

The well flowed at a rate 550 barrels of oil (combined) equivalent per day.

The PR Marriott rig which is still stationed at the site will drill the Etuko-2 well.

Etuko-2 well designed to evaluate a very shallow reservoir zone penetrated in Etuko-1 but which could not be properly logged due to the wide gauge of the original well.

The rig drilled Etuko-2 to a final depth of 2,133 feet (650 meters) and the well flowed water with oil shows. The rig will now move to drill the Ngamia-2 well to appraise the Ngamia discovery.

Tullow contracted the SMP-5 rig, contracted to drill stem tests on the discoveries in northern Kenya, conducted a drill stem test on the Ekales-1 oil discovery well in Block 13T and successfully flowed over 1,000 barrels of oil per day.

The rig will now move to conduct a drill stem test on the Agete-1 discovery well, also in Block 13T.


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