Tullow Oil Makes another Discovery in Northern Kenya

Tullow Oil Plc which is doing oil exploration in Kenya has announced of discovering another oil zones in northern Kenya.

According to the company officials, Emekunya-1 well, located in South Lokichar basin in North-Western Kenya, would completely be developed to a full field.

The new discovery adds more recoverable resources to the current portfolio.

The British Company, Tullow Oil operates Blocks 13T and 10BB with 50 percent equity. The company is partnered by Africa Oil Corp and Maersk Oil with 25 percent each. Emekuya-1 well is located in Block 13T.

In the beginning of this year, Tullow said its Erut-1 well, located in the same block, discovered more oil deposits with 25 metres of net oil pay.

According to Tullow research and guidance partner (Davy Research), the resources in the South Lokichar Basin can produce about 750 million barrels of crude oil with more exploration activity still going on.

Kenyan government on 14/3/2017 signed an oil exportation agreement with Tullow Oil, Africa Oil and Maersk International to test on the viability of Kenya’s oil before going fully commercial in 2020.

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