A lunar eclipse is expected on Tuesday, December 2010, repeating a 4 century old event.

The last Solstice to coincide with a total lunar eclipse occurred in On Dec. 21, 1638.

On Dec. 21, 1638, the full moon was in total eclipse from 1:12 to 2:47 UT., the solstice occurred later in the day at 16:05 UT

As such, Tuesday, 21st 2010 will be the darkest day in 456 years due to the lunar eclipse expected then.

According o NASA and other researchers, the 2010 lunar eclipse might be the darkest in many decades of the solar system.

The Tuesday eclipse is expected early in the morning.

It is argued that, when a full lunar eclipse takes place in the shortest day of the year, the planet will be very dark.

This is the expected scenario as the full moon encounters a total eclipse in the solstice

The shortest day in the year is the Winter solstice and it marks the beginning of the winter season.


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