Top Al-Shabaab Commanders Arrest Shocks Local Terror Networks

The arrest of 4 top Al-Shabaab commanders in Kenya has shocked and awed local elements of the Somali Islamist group Harakat Al-Shabaab Al-Mujahideen now known as Ugus.

The 4 commanders  were tracked down by the National Intelligence Service of Kenya. The intelligence service backed up by the Directorate of Military Intelligence, and the ATPU have scaled up operations against local terror networks.

Intelligence reports shows the top local Al-Shabaab commanders were the masterminds of the Mpeketoni, Hindi, and Gamba terror attacks on the night of 5–6 July 2014.

“These are the local’s who survivors of the terror attack claimed were among the heavily armed men who attacked the villages in Lamu county.”

Its not clear how the 4 Al-Shabaab commanders in Lamu and Tana River Counties  were tracked down but their arrests has shocked and awed local Shabaab networks.

There is now desperation in local cells. Increase in communication between Somali based commanders and local cells has also increased with local cells asking for logistical support to get out of Kenya.

Local Al-Shabaab agents who were associated with these 4 are frantically running seeking exit from Kenya though ATPU and a Military Intelligence led KDF SF SO Units are on their trail.

More than 20 high profile figures in Kenya’s Al-Shabaab networks have been arrested in past 40 days by the KDF SF-SO-Unit.




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