Three Killed, Scores Injured By Suicide Bomb On Pakistani Security Troops


Tuesday September 1st, a suicide bomber from the Pakistani Taliban that is allied Afghani Taliban detonated and IED near a paramilitary vehicle in Jamrud Area killing 3 people and injuring scores.

Jamrud area is in the Northwest part of Pakistan and is highly volatile and where security forces have been deployed to fight the Taliban looking to oust the current government.


A suicide bomber on Tuesday attacked a paramilitary vehicle belonging to the Khasadar aka tribal police force in the Jamrud area of the Khyber tribal agency in northwest Pakistan killing 3 people and leaving scores injured.

The northwest region of Pakistan is infested with Taliban militants that are looking to oust the current Pakistani government to enable the enactment of strict interpretation of the Islam Sharia law.

The Pakistan Taliban is allied to the Afghani Taliban but is very different and emerged in 2007 and having been trying to advance their agenda since.

The military has been battling the Taliban and their ally the Lashkar-e-Islam that have established a network in Khyber since October 2014 with particular focus on the Tirah Valley which is their immediate stronghold.

Consecutive and intensive offensives launched against the Pakistani Taliban since 2009 has pushed the Islamists from their strongholds to controlling very small swathes of tribal lands and mainly restricted to the areas near Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

Reports indicate that the suicide attack was in retaliation to the immense pressure exerted on the force this year that has seen hundreds of fighters killed in both ground offensives and airstrikes. Khyber became a mini-base or a haven after most militants fled their main operational base in North Waziristan.

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