Three Al-Shabaab Foreign Jihadists Surrenders To AMISOM Troops in Lower Shabelle, Somalia

Al-Shabaab surrendersOSINT SUMMARY, April, 27, 2016

Latest military reports from Somalia indicate that three foreign jihadists from Al-Shabaab have surrendered themselves to the AMISOM troops in Lower Shabelle region.

The jihadists, two British citizens and a Netherland national were fighting in Al-Shabaab ranks.

The three jihadists reportedly fled the group over unknown reasons but intelligence reports cites of an emerging rift within Al-Shabaab with foreign jihadist opting to join the pro-ISIS wing in Somalia.

Pro-ISIS wing is threatening the unity of Al-Shabaab fighters as it tries to woo fighters and painting the Al Qaeda affiliated Al-Shabaab as prison they need to decamp.

Al-Shabaab losing foreign jihadist clout and surrendering to the African Union troops is another big blow to the already weakening group.

The recently created terror group Jahba East Africa, has been calling on Al-Shabaab affiliated groups in East Africa such as Al-Muhajiroun, Al-Hijra and Ansar Islam to leave their parent terror group Al Qaeda to and pledge bayah to Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi citing the move as freedom for the mujahideen

 “We are telling the mujahideen in East Africa that al-Shabaab has now become a psychological and physical prison.

Military intelligence reports that, since Al-Shabaab El-Adde propaganda video was pulled down by unknown cyber operatives, Al-Shabaab jihadists have been demoralized.

Undisclosed number of militants whom included foreign fighters reportedly have deserted Al-Shabaab after watching a counter raw video of Al-Shabaab terrorist Thomas Evans AKA Hakim Abdul and his fellow jihadists being slaughtered by KDF in Lamu Baure camp.

The Briton Jihadist Journey of Vanity Video has unveiled jihadist fight for a lost cause.

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