The Story of the Hyena and the Goat in the Market

Odinga’s political star in Kenya is not shining brightly, rather orbiting further south to non-glitter.

A classic story of a man who took a goat and hyena to the market sheds light on Raila Odinga’s political failure.

When the man tethered both the hyena and goat for display the spectacle was the hyena.

Everyone in the market turned up to see the hyena. The awe was incredibly inspiring and the man felt feted.

At the end of the day, only one man bought the goat and the rest followed the man on tow with his hyena.

The big crowds that turn up to cheer and chant Raila religion are the people of the market. They don’t buy the goat Raila want’s sold.

They confuse Raila and make him the man who makes Kenya oscillate. They make Raila to come and go.

Odinga may have great thoughts for Kenya but his followers make him a despicable political-religious leader to the majority of Kenyan voters.

The Kenyan’s who buy goats are hard working and very careful in their assessment of a good goat/president.

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