Terrorists Graduate in Somalia, Threats, Security Challenges Increase

Top Members of the terror group Al-Shabaab in Somalia
Top Members of the terror group Al-Shabaab in Somalia

Hundreds of young militants have recently graduated as Al-Shabaab terrorists. Intelligence reports indicate a surge in recruitment of young men in Shabelle region.

Strategic Intelligence director of regional intelligence on terror networks, David Goldman identifies religion and economics as factors that continue to facilitate induction of middle aged men to terrorism.

More than 600 new fighters joined the terror group in 2013. Most of them have graduated as militants. In November over 300 militants graduated after a six month training in using weapons and explosives.

There trained units consists of commandos, intelligence, and regular militants. However, it is the suicide bomber list that has grown that is worrying.

Suicide missions will be the core strategy of the Al-Qaeda allied terror group.

We will have to contend with increased threats of suicide bombers across East Africa, mainly in Somalia and Kenya, Strategic Intelligence analysts warn.

Economic conditions are worsening and are facilitating conscription of militants. Returning refugees with no skills and capacity to engage in economic activities are vulnerable to conscription to terror activity.

Somalia is likely to succumb to militancy if new recruitments are not stopped.

Lack of capacity to secure the vast middle and Northern areas besides maintaining law and order will factor the circumvention and cycle of militancy.

With new troops ready, Al-Shabaab is resurging. There is every indication that they are regrouping.

Al-Shabaab capacity in influencing the public view on religion, politics, and economics is still very significant.

Failure to identify strategies that can preempt these threats will have catastrophic ramifications in Somalia and Kenya.

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