Terrorism in Kenya; Police to Map out Key Suspect Manufacturers of Improvised Explosive Devices

As terrorism in Kenya continues to poise a great threat on the nation, police on Sunday detonated an abandoned explosive near a petrol station at Mlango Kubwa in Nairobi.

The device had been left on the roadside according to a source who contacted the police. The police got to the scene and confirmed that the device had four bottles of petrol, a bottle of ammonium fertilizer and a detonator attached to it.

There have been speculations on an expected attack by the Al Shabaab Mujahideen on Kenyans at one of the populated markets. However Kenya Commandos from KDF Special Forces captured two key suspects linked to Al Shabaab militia group who were on a mission to smuggle suicide vests to Nairobi’s Majengo area.

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The police together with special security agents are currently on a hunt down for suspects who are linked to manufacturing and improvisation of these IEDs.

Police patrols have been intensified to tame such planned terror attacks. Working together with intelligence teams who provide information on possible terror attacks or areas prone to terror attacks, the police are continuously pre-empting these attacks.

This comes at a time when the government is also working on measures to ensure that all security forces and personnel are well equipped with explosive detonation skills and response during such times.

This training shall be made compulsory as the fight against terrorism in Kenya becomes a global concern.

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