Terror Threat in Kenya, Possible Shift in Al-Shabaab Target and Style Principal

Kenya will most likely suffer a unique type of terror attack in the coming days as current style and plan used by Al-Shabaab yields less effective results.

Al-Shabaab terror operatives have consistently used grenades in their efforts dispatching hit-and-run bandits who make their run with getaway cars.

This method is risky and quite easy to track to the terrorists and their contacts. Al-Shabaab is aware of this fact hence working hard to deploy a new strategy.

To most intelligence analysts analyzing a potential threat before an attack takes place is like filling a numbers puzzle, but, though difficult, the shifts in the game play is foreseen.

Strategic Intelligence has kept on warning of terror attacks in Kenya and they happen in tandem with each warning, an indicator of factual analysis.

Terrorists are creative and we take jihadists like Al-Shabaab to bear such credentials hence the ease with which they have deployed grenade attacks across Kenya and avoided using suicide style bearing heavy explosives to inflict substantial damage.

The objective of terror is to inflict fear and uncertainty of security, this is the current doctrine Al-Shabaab is using against Kenyans,

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