Terror Suspects Arrested in Nairobi’s Eastleigh in 2012 Found Guilty

Latest reports from the courts indicate that two suspected terror operatives who arrested in Nairobi’s Eastleigh in September 2012 were found guilty of being in possession of explosive chemicals, hand grenades, four riffles and several rounds of ammunition.

This comes after the third suspected initially pleaded guilty to the charges of hatching a plan to conduct an attack in Nairobi.

The terror suspects identified as Omar Abdi Aden alias Salman Abdi, Mushararaf Abdalla alias Shukri alias Sharif Abdalla Maalim alias Alex Shikanda, and Rashid Shwaitan alias Ali alias Bonny alias Blacky could not escape police dragnet even after their accomplice Abdi Majid Yasin Mohammed alias Ali Hussein alias Brownny, purportedly sacrificed himself in 2012 to save them by pleading guilty to all the criminal charges they faced.

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