Terror Suspect Arrested In Wajir; Indicator Of Anti-Terrorism Clampdown In The Region

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Kenya’s Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) on Tuesday arrested a suspected terrorist in Wajir County in the North eastern region of the country. The arrest was made near the county’s Islamic Relief office, and was in the company of two other who escaped on foot after a shootout ensued between the suspects and the police.

Wajir County Commissioner Fredric Shisia, who confirmed the arrest, said that the three terror suspects were ambushed when a fierce gunfire exchange occurred.  The suspect is still in custody as the police launch an investigation that will look into the mission of the three as well as use him to arrests his accomplices.

Following the terror suspect Arrested in Wajir, local military have combed the area and have found no weapons or other suspects. Several county officers sustained minor injuries as the fled due to the fierce gunfire exchange but peace and calm has been restored as the military officers in the region conduct surveillance.

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Insecurity in the northern area of the East African Country has continually become a major issue especially because of the region’s proximity with Somalia. The government has however sought out both short term and permanent solution to the Al-Shabaab and insecurity in the region and the whole country.

Some of the short term measures include ATPU bases in the region, increased surveillance as well as deployment of extra police in the area. The government is however exerting more long term solutions like the security wall, increasing the police force and heavily investing in police equipment.

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