Tanzania’s Police Chief Refute Opposition Claims of Torture Cells in Dar es Salaam

Tanzania’s Police Chief refuted opposition claims that the government had set torture cells in Dar es Salaam.

Police Chief – Mr. Mangu dismissed the torture chambers allegations terming them as baseless and malicious.

Chadema Director of Legal Affairs, Tundu Lissu a day earlier had made the allegation that the government had set a torture chamber in the city to deal with people suspected of committing cybercrimes.

Lissu had told a news conference that the opposition party had credible information that Tanzania government had set up two torture dungeons in Mikocheni and Oysterbay in the city.

Police Chief termed the claims and not true saying the opposition need to shed more light on the ‘so-called torture chambers’ and offer irrefutable proof and not just made up stories.

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