Tanzania Police Kill 3 Suspected Terrorists in Arusha

3 Terror Suspects Killed by Tanzanian Police in Arusha
3 Terror Suspects Killed by Tanzanian Police in Arusha
3 Terror Suspects Killed by Tanzanian Police in Arusha, Weapons and Other Materials Recovered


Reports from Tanzania indicate that three terrorists were on Saturday 28th February 2016 gunned down by Police in northern town of Arusha.

Police also recovered ammunition and materials used for explosive devices and army uniforms.

According to Arusha regional police commander, Liberatus Sabas, the terror suspects were gunned down in a fierce exchange of fire with police officers.

One the slain suspect has been identified as Athumani Ramadhani. Police reports that Ramadhani has been arrested previously at Engo-Sheraton area in Sinon ward for criminal activities.

The slain suspects are believed to be terrorists as they were found with two flags with Arabic inscriptions that are usually used by terrorist groups.

Search was also conducted to one of the suspects and an AK 47 rifle with 18 rounds of ammunition was recovered. Other items found in the residence included five pairs of army uniform, one motorcycle, special masks used to cover faces, one pair of karate attire and five mobile phone handsets.

Last year April (2015) Tanzania police in Morogoro region seized cache of weaponry including explosives, bomb detonators, army fatigues, masks and black flags used by Somalia-based Al-Shabaab militants. 10 were arrested in connection with devices used in terrorists’ attacks.


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If It Was Kenya Police Only 50 and the terrorists will be free,and planning attacks.Now See Other Countries Don’t Have Time To Negotiate.These People Deserve Instant Death.