Syrian Army Helicopter Raid Kills 42 in Aleppo as Army Starts Gaining Groud over Rebels

Syrian Army helicopter conducted a raid in Aleppo killing 42 including women and children, militia’s fighting the Assad government claimed.

The helicopter dropped barrel bombs on targets which Syrian Intelligence confirmed as militants hideouts.

The 2 and half year conflict has displaced hundreds of thousands and claimed tens of thousands of lives after President Bashar-Al-Assad refused to cede power.

Government forces have renewed air and ground assaults on militant held areas forcing the rebels to retreat and cede ground.

Deployment of barrel bombs is used on targets where rebels are holed to inflict extensive damage on enemy troop numbers with the objective of reducing their capacity to operate.

The bombs are explosive-filled cylinders or oil drums which explode after they fall on the ground.

Barrel bombs are deployed by rolling them out of the helicopter back effortlessly on the target area.



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