SVBIED Terrorism Targeting AMISOM Base at Aden Abdulle Airport, Mogadishu, Somalia

The Al-Qaeda branch in Somalia, Harakat Al-Shabaab Mujahideen Movement (HSM) operatives prematurely detonated their suicide vehicle bound improvised explosives devices (SVBIED) against targets at the vicinity of Mogadishu’s Aden Abdulle Airport, at mid-day on 2/1/2017 after police on a checkpoint stopped them. The terrorists group claimed responsibility for the attack.

Initial Intelligence reports confirm that 2 suicide bombers detonated their SVBIED’s at approximately 12.15Hrs Eat when police at the checkpoints stopped them. The 1st vehicle headed to the Peace Hotel, a spot popular with diplomats based in Somalia besides AMISOM, UN, and Somali legislators besides businessmen.  The bomber detonated his SVBIED outside the hotel.

The 2nd bomber was driving a truck bomb. He drove past the checkpoint and headed straight to the African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) main operating base at Halane at the Mogadishu International Airport. He detonated the truck bomb which was massive.

The size of the suicide vehicle bound improvised explosives devices (SVBIED) was massive depending on images of the destruction they caused on both compounds.

There are causalities. Security forces and civilians have been killed but the numbers have not been aggregated.

The Al-Qaeda branch in Somalia, Harakat Al-Shabaab Mujahideen Movement (HSM) could have been targeting the Mogadishu Airport or the AMISOM Main Base in Somalia. The convoy of 2 SVBIED’s can only indicate a single target with a decoy.

One bomber was to blow the gate while the second one would at least reach the main target. Possibly, they’d deploy an armed attacking suicide brigade as a 3rd and last sequence of the attack.

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