Suspected Al Shabaab Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Blast Kill 1 KDF Soldier In Lamu County

KDF Deployed
KDF Deployed at The Border

Sunday 6th December 2015, a Kenyan soldier was killed and four others injured in Ishikani area of Lamu County in coastal region.

Al Shabaab or their sympathizers believed to have planted a land mine booby trap that exploded when the army truck drove on it.

Due to the heavy rains, the Al Shabaab militants are increasing their criminal activities in Kenya.

Last week, through their propaganda channel, the militants claimed to have sneaked into the Kenya territory of Northeastern where they allegedly lectured on locals.

The Al Qaeda affiliated Al Shabaab militants have new enlistment who is making IEDs for the jihadist terrorist group.

KDF killed the main Al Shabaab IED expert at Hulugho early this year.

Al Shabaab continues to be a major security threat to East African countries especially targeting Kenya and Uganda which have contributed troops for African Union, AMISOM in Somalia.

KDF have since launched a manhunt on the perpetrators.

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