Sunni Coalition Launch Operation Firmness Storm against Shiites Militants in Yemen

Saudi Arabia – the hegemon in the Gulf region, has committed over 150,000 ground troops assisted by over a hundred warplanes – to the Yemeni battle front. According to intelligence sources in the Gulf Arab countries; a Sunni coalition made up of Sudan, Jordan, Pakistan, Bahrain, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar has been constituted by Saudi Arabia and its American ally to stymie Iranian political and military dominance of the region.

All the countries in the Sunni coalition have committed themselves to providing military resources to counter the present Houthi advance towards the Sunni-dominated areas of Yemen. The Sunni coalition will conduct their anti-Shiite military operations under the auspices of Operation Firmness Storm – a broad-scale military operation aimed at destroying the Houthi power base in Yemen as well as degrade the military potency of Shiite militias based in the Gulf Arab area. The US covertly supports Operation Firmness Storm as a counterweight to Iran’s expansion across the Red Sea region.

Iran has rebuked the offensive and warned that the Saudi-led military offensive risks plunging the entire Gulf region into a conflagration; as the Houthis characterized the Saudi offensive as an act of aggression against a sovereign nation ruled by an acknowledged government.

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