Suicide Bomber Detonates at Pakistani Hospital, Helpless Patients Casualties Reported

Photo Courtesy REUTERS

Photo Courtesy REUTERS
Photo Courtesy REUTERS
In a suicide attack claimed by the Islamic State, it’s saddening that the terrorist group with their heinous acts targeted a hospital with helpless patients.

Reports indicate at least 70 were killed in a suicide attack at a hospital in southwestern Pakistan on Monday.

According to a report by a witness, the blast occurred in the midst of a crowd outside the hospital’s emergency ward.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif called the blast "cowardly" and pledged his government and security forces will continue their attempts to defeat militants based in the country.

The attack at a hospital was condemned by U.S. and the UN.

The UN condemned the attack and in a statement said the “targeting of mourners at a civilian hospital makes the attack particularly appalling”.

In Washington, the White House also condemned the attack "in the strongest terms”.

A state of emergency was declared by the local government as it prepared to transfer the injured in various hospitals.


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