Sudanese Police Rescue over 50 Libya-bound Migrants Kidnapped by Gunmen

Sudanese police rescued 56 people including women and children kidnapped by a Sudanese trafficking gang on Sunday.

The rescue operation was conducted on the border between Kassala and El Gedaref states.

According to El Gedaref police boss, Major General Adil Jamal, the hostages were believed to be migrants from neighbouring countries. The hostages were held by the kidnappers in an abandoned house before the police came for their rescue.

Sudan borders Libya in the northwest. Illegal migrants transit through Sudan via the Western Sahara to troubled Libya in an attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. The trafficking gang demanded a ransom of $3,000 per person for their release.

Sudanese army on Sunday announced the arrest of over 200 illegal migrants of different nationalities trying to enter Libya.

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