Sudan To Send 6000 Troops To Battle Houthi Rebels In Yemen Despite Iran’s Criticism

Sudan troops join the Saudi-led coalition against Iran-backed Houthi rebels
Sudan troops join the Saudi-led coalition against Iran-backed Houthi rebels


Sudan has sent at least 850 Sudanese ground soldiers to Yemen to join in the Saudi-led campaign against the Iran-backed Shiite Houthi militants.

On October 26th, Sudanese Foreign Minister defended the decision to send troops into Yemen and rejecting Iran’s criticism to countries sending troops to battle the Houthi rebels in Yemen.


Sudan has expressed a full throttle commitment and capability of sending 6000 troops to Yemen comprising of ground troops, Elite troops as well as the Special Forces unit. Sudan has cited the dangers caused by the war in Yemen as a looming threat to Sudan and her people and thus the need to restore peace and legitimacy Yemen.

Sudanese has praised its troops that have the necessary expertise in fighting in rugged mountains and will make a valuable addition to the recaptures of areas like Ta’iz and Ibb.

Sudanese-Iranian relations have hit rocky ground since Khartoum ordered the closure of Iranian Cultural Centre and asking the Iranian attaché in Sudan to leave the country in September 2014.

Sudan has insisted that its participation in the Yemen war is purely for its own national security as a continued conflict in Yemen cause a ‘redline’ problem for Sudan echoing that the crisis in Yemen affects directly or indirectly all the Red Sea Countries.

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