Southern Sudan Rebels Killed Hundreds of Ethnics in Bentiu Last Week, Intelligenec Officials

Over 200 people from other tribes particularly the Dinka were slaughtered by Lou Nuer rebels led by renegade Riek Marchar who sponsored a failed coup in Southern Sudan.

400 others were badly injured. All these people were from an ethnic tribe other than the Lou Nuer who have rebelled against the government in Juba.

Last week capture of Bentiu the capital of Unity State, a oil production hub was an ethnic cleansing operation which might stoke serious ethnic tensions in the already deadly situation in Southern Sudan.

Intelligence officials have confirmed that over 200 people were killed by Lou Nuer soldiers who attacked hospitals and refugee camps.

Women were raped and men slaughtered. Even those who were lying sick or wounded in hospital were not spared.

The Lou Nuers were targeting the ethnic Dinka, a tribe which the president Salva Kiir comes from.

Other ethnicity were killed based on their political affiliation. Those who support the Kiir Government in Juba were shot dead and those who support the Lou Nuers were given safe passage.

A UN Report on the massacre verifies this report. UNMISS reports that over 200 people were killed by rebels forces between April 15-16 based on their ethnic origin.

UNMISS also claims that rebels are using Radio Bentiu FM to broadcast hate speech and incite atrocities against Dinka’s and tribes close to them.

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