South West State Interim Administration Calls For Removal of Al Shabaab Blockades

Al Shabaab Road BlocksOSINT REPORT

The administration of South West State called on removal of blockade erected by Al Shabaab militants on the main streets.

Al Shabaab have erected blockade in major roads in the newly liberated towns.

The blockades make it hard for security to conduct patrols and also the blockades are used by Al Shabaab when they are collecting levies from travelers.

According to the interim South West State President Sharif Hassan Sheikh, the Blockades erected between Bay and Bakool regions in the southern Somalia have disconnected the residents. This has resulted to food shortage supplies thus the prices becoming too high for locals.

Government and AMISOM forces have been called to offer security as the lifting of Al Shabaab blockades continues.

The Al Qaeda branch has receded most of their strongholds in the South and Central Somalia following military campaigns by SNA and AMISOM forces.

However, despite facing rivalry from the upcoming faction pro-ISIS, the Somali based militants are still active and operating in rural areas even collecting Zakah (levies on wealth) forcibly to sustain their activities.

SNA and AMISOM should scale-up their operations against the remnant Al Shabaab elements operating in Bay and Bakool regions erecting blockades from time to time denying access to the towns.

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