South Sudan Conflict, Combating Terrorism Tops President Uhuru Kenyatta & U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry Discussion

Us kenyaMonday 22nd August 2016, President Kenyatta and US Secretary of State John Kerry have held talks in Nairobi’s State House where issues to do with South Sudan conflict, Somalia and combating terrorism were top agendas of their discussions.

President Uhuru Kenyatta briefed Kerry on resolution passed at IGAD meeting in Addis Ababa Ethiopia to support South Sudan in the wake recent skirmishes in Juba.

President Kenyatta expressed concerns on South Sudan crisis posing a regional threat. He told Kerry of the IGAD roadmap to restoring normalcy in the world’s youngest nation.

President Kenyatta commended U.S. government on its commitment and sponsoring of UN Security Council Resolution 2304 of 2016.

He also lauded the U.S. government and the international community for standing with the regional states in supporting the South Sudan peace process.

On issue of Somalia and combating terrorism, President Kenyatta called on the U.S. and the international partners to continue supporting the effort of defeating the militant and stabilizing Somalia.

The Kenyan president also noted significant strides/gains made by the combined forces (AMISOM and SNA) calling on more support for the troops from UN, EU and AU.

Kenya and U.S. continue to enjoy strong bilateral ties with notable increase in investment in Kenya by U.S. firms in the past few years.


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