South Africa Turn to Technology in Fighting Crime

South African Police push back protesters rallying against President Barack Obama's visit to South Africa, in Soweto on June 29, 2013. At least three bangs were heard as police tried to move the demonstrators away from a university campus where Obama is expected to hold a town hall event later in the day. AFP PHOTO / ALEXANDER JOE

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Residents of South Africa’s largest city Johannesburg have turn to social-networking apps to tip and inform the police of crimes happening in their neighborhoods.

According to the 2013/2014 crime statistics reports, South Africa has a very high crime rate recorded at 47 murders in a day.

Social Networking Apps

Greater Mayfair Safety and Security (GMMS) that patrols the Mayfair suburbs in Johannesburg has reported crime decline and arrest of many criminals since the introduction of Whatsapp and BBM Messages as a way of reporting crimes and suspicious incidents.

Residents have expressed a lot of appreciation for the introduction of these apps as a means to ensure security on the area as the response to crime activities by the police and security agencies has increased and residents are more vigilante.

Use of CCTVs Surveillance

The City Center has also experienced the same drastic fall in crime rate since the introduction of CCT cameras in the city. The CCTVs have reduced violent muggings, cash-in-transit heists, bank robberies and other violent crimes in what used to be the most dangerous city in South Africa.

Businesses have since become safe owing to the over 240 cameras covering all streets, ‘Crime Line’; an anonymous crime tip-off service as well as SMS messaging crime reporting.


The use of social- networking apps and being the first country to introduce SMS messages crime reporting has helped South Africa dramatically reduce the crime rate, apprehend criminal s and recover millions worth of stolen goods.

The initiative being one of a kind helps improve the community policing and vigilance in fighting and reducing crime as well as cooperation in apprehending criminals.

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