Somalia’s President Says That Integration Of Security Forces Is Vital To The Fight And Defeat Of Al Shabaab

Somalia’s president Mohamed Farmaajo has maintained that the federal and state leaders are seeking to expedite the integration of the security forces to build a strong unit that will confront the A Shabaab threat. His statement was made at a mega-conference set to bring together all regional leaders in attempts to consolidate efforts to mount a major offensive against al Shabaab terror group that appears rejuvenated.

“The most important thing in this meeting is to integrate forces from the regional and federal government so that we can attack Al-Shabaab from all fronts,” said Farmaajo adding, “And I hope this will be finalized before the end of this meeting.

Farmaajo further said that they would employ the help of all stakeholders including religious leaders, the media and the public who are ready to fight against extremisms and violence.

The integration of the forces has remained elusive, and the continued delay of the formation of 22,000 strong military supported by 32,000 federal and state police has continually reduced the country’s capability to fight al Shabaab.  The president has been on official state visits to Uganda, Ethiopia and Djibouti to rally support for the offensive against al Shabaab.

The amalgamation of the troops will ensure that Somalia’s is adeptly equipped to handle the security of the country against both domestic and foreign threats when the AMISOM and allied forces leave the country.

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