Somalia Threatening to kick Out KDF Troops over Security Wall Construction

KDF soldiers celebrate after a victory in Somalia: COURTESY
KDF soldiers celebrate after a victory in Somalia: COURTESY
KDF soldiers celebrate after a victory in Somalia: COURTESY

Somali members of parliament have debated a motion to kick out Kenya Defense Forces troops fighting in Somalia.

The move has been ignited by Kenya’s decision to build a wall along its border with Somalia to curb Al Shabaab threat.

Mohamed Omar Dalha, head of Parliamentary Commission on External Affairs, said the Kenya government violated the Somali territory by constructing the wall, saying that the Kenya government is building the wall inside Somalia.

The above claims are however baseless lacking any legal and international backing.

Kenya commenced the construction of the Security Wall along the entire stretch of the Kenya-Somalia border (which starts from Mandera to Kiunga in Lamu County).

The wall is being built on Kenyan territorial soil and as such the government is exercising its right to secure the nation through the construction of a perimeter barrier against the hostile Al Shabaab that finds their roots within Somalia.

The recent motion has been peddled by certain elements within the Somali government with an aim to tarnish Kenya’s image in the international eye and to slur the ongoing African Union efforts in Somalia against the Al Shabaab.

The Kenyan government will however go ahead with the construction of the modern wall with high-tech surveillance equipment for security purpose meant to prevent increasing Al Shabaab attacks inside its soil. Kenya’s first priority is in protecting the Kenyan people.

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