Somalia Launches A Digital Counterterrorism And Anti-Radicalization Center

The Federal Government of Somalia has launched a digital counter-terrorism center with the aim of dissuading Somali youth from supporting the two active terror groups; Al Shabaab and ISIS. The Somali Ministry of Information says the center will carry out campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and state-run media designed to promote stability in the Horn of Africa nation, which has seen little peace during the past 30 years.

The center will expose the brutality of al Shabaab through the platforms above which is projected to weaken the following and public support the al Shabaab enjoys among the youth and teenagers in Somalia.

The center will provide accurate and useful information to young people, which in turn helps them to understand the benefits of democratic institutions in Somalia which will contribute majorly in the overall peace and stability of the nation.

The new center was created in response to criticism from moderate Somali clerics who said the government had not done enough fight extremism and violent ideologies on the internet and social media platforms. The clerics will be expected to record and post videos in the open forums to talk about terrorism, radicalization, and ways to avert them.

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