Somalia Government Concludes Training Members of Armed Forces



Tuesday 1, September 2015, Somali’s security minister graced the conclusion of training for members of the armed forces at Jaziira training centre.

Internal Security Minister Abdikadir Sheikh Ali Diini said that Somalia is committed to building a strong National Army that will reflect the face of all regions in the country.

While speaking after presiding over the closing ceremony of four month training for the newly recruited officers into the Somalia National Army, Dini implored the officers to be committed to their calling by defending their country with vigour and ensure the country gets back on its feet.

The officers took the oath of office in the event which was also attended by commander of the Somali National Army Dahir Adan Elmi and officials from the EU and AMISOM who offered part of the training.



The horn of Africa nation is faced by the challenge of terrorism hurting and crumbling various sectors of economy of the country. Al Qaeda branch, Al Shabaab operates in Somalia with sole goal of overthrowing the government and installing a strict sharia rule.

AMISOM which is comprised of troops from Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Burundi and Djibouti have been the on fore front in fighting the Islamist group. AMISOM effort has weakened Al Shabaab significantly.

The AU forces have captured key areas which have been under the rule of the militants for years. The extremist group has lost hundreds of its fighters though the few elements are persistent in committing attacks.

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Diini congratulated the officers for their commitment in taking part of the training. He also thanked EU and AMISOM for being Somali’s partners. We are confident that the National Forces will succeed in bringing back elusive peace, stability and the rule of law to Somalia.

The Minister asked the officers to reflect what they learnt in the training when they are deployed in the field by carrying out their duties with professionalism. He assured officers of Government’s full support.


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